Relative Souls

Putting the Fun in Funk

Photo Credit:  Mike Thut Photography

Photo Credit:  Mike Thut Photography

Relative Souls is a unique blend of old school funk and soul with the new age genre bending neo-jam band.  If you were making a Relatively Soulful Face-Melting cocktail, you would use equal parts funk, jam, and rock. 

The band solidified its lineup in 2011 and is based out of Bridgeport, Connecticut...home of the north east funk scene that bands like Deep Banana Blackout and Kung Fu call home.  Screaming Hammond, soulful vocals, shredding guitar, blistering sax, and the funkiest bass you'll ever hear are what you will experience at a live performance. This group knows how to have a party on stage. 

Relative Souls is turning into a force to be reckoned with on the north east festival and club circuit.  They have played Gathering of the Vibes, Catskill Chill, Strange Creek, Wormtown, Disc Jam, Harry Brown's Farm, and Spectral Fest to name a few.  They have opened numerous times for Twiddle, Deep Banana Blackout, Kung Fu, the Breakfast, the Alan Evans Trio, Pigeons Playing Ping Pong, Turkuaz, and more...and have shared the stage with dozens of up and coming bands throughout the North East.  

It's hard to place the band into a musical category. There's straight up funk, some prog, some jam, some fusion, bit 'o jazz, lot o' soul.  What results is something truly unique. It's musical gumbo...and it's spicy!

But at the core of the band is a belief that music makes us all Relative Souls.  We are all related in humanity and through music.  The age of the band members spans nearly 20 years, and the experiences and tastes of the players vary widely.  However, wherever they go, they meet new and interesting people who first become fans, then friends, and then family. 

Band Members:

Gurge:  Keys/Lead Vox

Mac:  Guitar

Lucas (the Ghost of Soul):  Bass

Groovy:  Tenor Sax/Percussion

Knobs:  Percussion/Drums

Eric Hyland: Drums